I want to get
back on track

Maybe you have had a setback and you want to restart your recovery. Or maybe you need new tools to maintain your progress. Maybe you are lonely and anxious because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Navigator is here to help. We will find the care that suits you best and is covered by your insurance to reduce the risk of returning to substance use in the future.

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Image of a man meditating outside

Small changes that help

Here are some positive steps to take to help you avoid situations that make you want to drink or use drugs:

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Reach out to your loved ones when you are experiencing the heavy emotions that come with managing recovery. Let your friends and family know that you would like them to be part of your support team — to check in and encourage you to stick with your treatment. Speak to others who have battled their own drug and alcohol challenges and come through to lead a full life afterwards.

Remind yourself what it is that you love doing — activities that make you happy and relaxed and that will keep you occupied while you get back on track. It could be meditation, exercise, painting, music — anything that will distract your mind and help you to feel happy.

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Write down your reasons for finding treatment. Think about what is important to you that might be put at risk by your drinking or drug use — your family, paying rent, graduating from college, your friends, your health, or your career. Ask yourself what your future self would say to you to encourage you to get support. Remember what it feels like to have the freedom to spend time with your loved ones, doing the things you most enjoy — to be on top of your game at work or school — to feel healthy and full of life.

Ask yourself if there’s anything standing in the way of getting treatment. Getting to your appointment, finding someone to watch your child, or fitting treatment around work or other responsibilities could all make attending treatment tricky. A Navigator Care Specialist will help you get an appointment for treatment at a time that works for you and find options that fit around your schedule.


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Track the times when you feel like you need to drink or take drugs. Are they the same as before you began your recovery journey? Do you notice anything new? Understanding when events take place can help you avoid difficult situations that might tempt you to drink or take drugs going forward.

How does Navigator’s service work, and what
can I expect from my call?

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We’re here to listen

When you call Navigator, a Care Specialist will talk through your challenges and find a program that will give you the tools to help manage your drug or alcohol use.

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